Welcome to all the new students

As one of the oldest of Professor Xavier's new crop of students it falls on me to welcome you all to Xavier's <strike> Madhouse!</strike> Institute. My name is Frank Richards and I'm here to gain further training and experience using my psionic abilities.

My contact information's in the student directory so if anyone needs anything feel free to contact me. I keep a residence on-campus although I spent a great deal of time in New York City. And yes, the flying car in the garage is mine.

I know you've all been given your own Institute phone and set up for computer (or personal for you technopaths out there) access to the journalling system.

I've been in this world of powers and heroes almost literally since birth. I'm friendly with a large number of the original heroes we've all heard so much about. Steve Rogers gave me a piggyback ride once.

Once again, welcome to Xavier's. I hope your stay will be educational.

App-Form, v0.2

** Player Information **


** Character Biography **

Known Aliases:
Short Description:

** Character History **

Immediate Family:
Extended Family:

** Character Psychology **

Personality Profile: Here's where people give us the hard look at who this character _is_. How they think, why they think what they think, etc.
Development Plan: You've told us where they're starting. Now give us some ideas of where you'd like for them to go. Everyone changes as they move through life. Everyone.

** Character Powers **

Powers. We want what it's called, what it does, the upper bound(s), the lower bound(s), what it looks like. Be creative and be as precise as possible.
Power Weaknesses: Everyone has them. And everyone is assumed by default to be vulnerable to anything a person in the Real World would be vulnerable to unless explicitly mentioned otherwise in the Powers section.
Powers Development Plan: OK, you've told us where you're starting. Now tell us where you plan on going.

** First Person Journal Sample **

** Third Person Writing Sample **

** Plot Idea **

** Misc Info / Other **

We reserve the right to request a test-scene if the Mods feel one is warranted.
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Welcome to Marvel Futures. We're a Marvel Universe Role Playing game that allows you to play the children of various marvel characters and original characters. We're not open, but will be soon. I hope you'll bookmark us and check back!

Any questions can be directed to us and we'll be more than happy to answer them! Either leave us a comment or drop any of us an email!

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